Pupil Premium

Self Esteem Workshop

During our PP workshops children will focus on vocal training, public speaking and work through status exercises. They will learn to swap from the status they naturally inhibit giving very confident children a sense of empathy and less confident children a sense of empowerment. This class will also explore Commedia dell’arte, using masks and props to give children an opportunity to express themselves without being “seen” or feeling embarrassed. These sessions aim to empower the students giving them a sense of pride in the plays, scenes and characters they create.

If you would like a regular PP session at your school please contact us for discounted rate.

What do other schools say?

"Children love the Divergent Drama sessions. The experience has been wonderful and it's lovely to see the children put their imagination to use. We have had Divergent in to run various workshops and work in small groups with the PP children. All workshops have been relevant, educational and fun for all!"  - Headteacher, Petersfield Primary school, Orwell.


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