Alfred the Great

Why was he great?

Join us as we explore the life of Alfred the Great. Together with our actor facilitators students will create scenes around Alfred's life pondering questions such as: what made him so great? How did he establish peace with the Vikings? Did he really burn those cakes?! During this workshop children will also discover and experience the class structure in Anglo-Saxon England and how that affected the lives of the rich and poor during Alfred's "great" reign. This workshop is perfect for a hook into the subject or to consolidate learning.

What do other school's say?

It taught the children key facts about the subject that they were able to draw on after. It was very engaging and [the facilitators] ensured all children participated. Good range of engaging activities that were age appropriate. A creative way to teach the children key facts. Great fun, good behavioral management. - Holy Trinity School, Yeovil.


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