Crucial Crew x2

Divergent are on their way back to Crucial Crew Hatfield

We are pleased to announce that we are returning to Hatfield Crucial Crew for our second year. We are so excited to be bringing our E-Safety workshop to nearly 100 year 6 groups!! 

Here's the feedback we had last year!

  1. Really good interactive session but informative
  2. The freeze frames really gave them cause to think about e-safety
  3. Excellent – important messages. Very well presented. Loved the drama though it meant not too much time to really convey the messages
  4. Excellent discussion of age limits – appropriate for year 6/7. Good true or false game
  5. Lively, dynamic, interactive, children completely engaged
  6. Excellent, interactive and engaging. Enthusiastic fantastic messages. Great use of drama.
  7. Children very engaged. Fast moving, informative 
  8. Great role play – getting the message across a fun way
  9. Lovely fresh approach – the children really engaged with the activities
  10. Very hands on – excellent delivery
  11. Great using drama and freeze frames to make exciting
  12. Imaginative and a good visual way to consolidate their understanding of e-safety
  13. Fantastic fun!
  14. Excellent introduction to e-safety. How to choose password
  15. Vicky was brilliant with the children
  16. Very good
  17. Great idea to use freeze frames – children will remember this
  18. Very clear message of e-safety. Delivered by two energetic young ladies
  19. Brilliant, fast paced which was perfect – all children engaged. Clear message
  20. Very dynamic. Good examples and interactive
  21. Action packed and made you think 
  22. Clear messages. Excellent delivery. Good round-up
  23. The children enjoyed this session
  24. Good information
  25. Loved how practical/visual they were
  26. Good to see e-safety back at crucial crew. And good to have it through a dramatical approach. Quick and punchy.
  27. Children enjoyed the games
  28. Great games
  29. Very clear message
  30. Good scenarios that got all the children interested and involved
  31. Excellent presentations
  32. Really well run – right messages
  33. Interactive sessions – nicely paced

Published on

May 10, 2017