Jack and the Beanstalk

Fe-fi-fo-fum......I smell a christmas turkey yum yum....

Jack is a poor boy who lives with his Mother, Dame Trott, and their cow Daisy. Jack and Dame Trott live off their cow's milk but one day, when Daisy can’t produce any milk, Jack's mum tells him to go and sell the cow at market. With a heavy heart Jack begins his journey to the market with Daisy. On the way Jack meets a rich merchant who offers to buy Daisy for a bag of gold. Jack hands over the cow, eager to show his mother the gold, but when he get home the gold has vanished and all that's left in the bag are a few mouldy beans. Furious, Dame Trott throws them out of the window and sends Jack straight to bed without any dinner. But overnight the magic beans grow into a giant beanstalk! Will Jack be able to climb the beanstalk and sort out their money troubles in time for Christmas? What will be waiting for Jack when he makes his ascent?

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